Vitus Integrated Amplifier With Magico Speakers: A Perfect Union

Do you hear that?

Listen closer. That’s the sound of high-fidelity sound waves booming through your system. Delicately landing on your eardrums, and transporting you to the recording studio of your favorite artists.

That’s what a Vitus Audio amplifier sounds like. Add a pair of Magico speakers and let the enchantment unfold. This speaker and amplifier combo are a match made in music heaven.

Want to know why they sound so good together? Keep reading to learn how their combined features will exponentially enhance your listening experience.

The Power Of A Vitus Audio Amp

The Vitus amp packs a lot of power. If you’ve ever seen one, you’d be surprised by the amount of metalwork and layers to technological detail that go into each piece. They are built to handle audio of all forms in the analog to digital spectrum.

With some higher-end models weighing hundreds of pounds, you may be concerned with how you’ll include this amp into your fit-out. Having a Vitus removes the need for additional gear and wiring.

You may find that the amplifier saves you space, with fewer moving parts involved in producing HiFi sound.

The base model RI-101 packs a punch, pushing 300 watts through each channel into a load of 8 ohms. There are multiple balance outputs, XLR, and RCA inputs. So there is plenty of room for future customization.

The Superior Sounding Magico

Now that you have the power of sound at your fingertips, it’s time to channel it through some high-performing speakers.

When Alon Wolf, founder of Magico, began to experiment with sound reproduction, he took a very unique approach. His goal was to measure speaker quality against the purest form of sound itself: live music.

Each iteration has built off this dream. To recreate a sound that makes you feel like the band is in your living room.

Eliminating resonance is a huge challenge in speaker design. Without the proper cabinet structure, excess sound vibrations interfere with the original sound. This coloration reduces fidelity, in some cases creating a sound totally different from the original work.

Magico speakers have an ideal balance of mass, stiffness, and internal damping factor. Sound coloration is eliminated through the use of aluminum and carbon fiber.

Bringing The Two Together

Vitus and Magico, two brands that refuse to compromise on quality. What happens when you hook them together?

Analog mastered vinyl sounds true to the source material. Warming tones with consistent deep bass. Overpowering, but always present.

Digital sounds equally as clean. No matter the genre, this amp/speaker combo brings out the best in CDs, streaming, and other musical data formats.

Sleek Magico speakers blend into the room. The end result is an immersive listening experience.

Upgrade Your HiFi Den

Are you ready to hear true Vitus sound? Are you looking for an authentic listening experience?

It might be time for an upgrade. Reach out to our team of experts for help in building your in-home high fidelity system.

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