Thank you for taking an interest in AC Power Solutions (ACPS) from Audio-Ultra, the largest improvement you will see in support of high-end audio sound and AC safety. Our plan includes the best in Electrical Engineering, audio grade sub panels and AC Products to bring the most from any system.

Most people do not realize that electrical infrastructure is a maintenance item, along with understanding that all the mechanical and electronic systems in your home will induce transients (noise) that directly affect the noise floor in your audio system while reducing the operational life of all electronics and mechanical products.

Audio Ultra’s AC Ultra Power Solution program is a cohesive approach that embodies analysis, consultation, and contractor supervision by Electrical Engineers. We blend the efforts of discovery into creating a formulated plan that includes our AC product choices to complete an overall effective solution; this assures a baseline to construct the Power Foundation used to support the highest levels of audio and video playback.

When our work is completed, The Power Foundation will embody Protection, Prevention, and Optimization for the audio system, as well as the entire home.

Below are highlighted pricing selections for Consultation, Supervision, and AC products. Choose between the Consultation packages, consider the optional and recommended Supervision, and select one or more of the AC Products.


“The before/after difference was beyond anything I had imagined… The result was top-to-bottom background blackness even with an ear pressed to the tweeter (other than the slight, ever-present hiss that comes from the darTZeel NHB-18NS preamp). When the noise floor fell away, dynamics greatly improved, and the musical presentation seemed to explode from the speakers with unusual ease, leaving in its wake just plain black.”

– Michael Fremer, “The Electrical Cure,” Stereophile, October 19, 2021.


  • ACPS 1 involves analysis of the panel terminations, ensuring a proper load balance while addressing the grounding system: • $2500.00 – Please see notes
  • ACPS 2 includes ACPS 1, plus a complete analysis of the main panel using our AC measurement meter that allows visibility at the breaker level that reveals the strength of the current home’s mechanical products.

Cost: $5,000.00Please see notes


  • Interaction and Verification of work with the Electrical Contractor.

Cost: $1000.00Please see notes

AU 3000

Rack-placed portable subpanel with six dedicated circuits. The construction combines consistent metallurgy within steel encasement with an optional upgrade to silver-cladded copper. The AU3000 allows low impedance and equal potential between the circuits.

Pricing ranges from $6000.00 – $7500.00


A passive solution that incorporates surge protection, isolation, and filtration without a sonic penalty. Five isolated receptacles are encased within an aluminum chassis. Options include replacing the copper conductors with silver conductors and incorporating a Faraday cage.

Pricing ranges from $5000.00 – $7000.00


Non-sacrificial surge protector and transient (noise) filter. Audio-Ultra recommends using a dedicated circuit at the main and sub-panel.

Pricing is $1000.00 each

The Kiyora and EP2050EE are available without Engineering consultation, including other standard audiophile products that condition, distribute, and generate power via battery.

Audio-Ultra consultation packages does not include the electrician or the supplies required.

  • Local area electricians are estimated to range from $2500.00 – $5000.00

Consultation costs assume a somewhat stable infrastructure. Engineering fees allocate 8 hours for ACPS1, 12 hours for ACPS2, and 4 hours for the Supervision of the electrical contractor. Time required outside the allotted hours will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Engineering on-site presence is available, and costs are based on time and travel expenses.

Taxes, permit fees and shipping are not included. Audio-Ultra requires the minimum consulting fees to be paid upfront, along with a signed contract that will follow when you decide to engage in our services.