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TIDAL Audio Speaker and amplifier

Discover unparalleled sound quality with Audio-Ultra, now an official TIDAL Audio Partner. Prepare for an immersive experience when our speakers and electronics arrive in late March, and in the interim, please navigate to our website to learn more about TIDAL.

From custom-made loudspeakers to electronics, all made in Germany, TIDAL Audio provides a sound experience beyond the ordinary. Experience sound as it’s meant to be – pure, authentic, and mesmerizing.

TIDAL Audio, delivering authenticity in sound, has been awarded numerous accolades since 1999 and also earned a collaboration with BUGATTI AUTOMOBILES S.A.S.



We’re thrilled to share with you that our AU3000 rack-mounted portable sub-panel has received a nifty upgrade to MKII status. This version brings you enhanced isolation between conductors and a floating bus bar, all while increasing the number of branch circuits. The AU3000 MKII delivers low-impedance current to your power-hungry amplifiers and source components more effectively. After all, shouldn’t your equipment receive the power it needs to perform at its best?

CH Cables


Experience the power of superior audio connectivity with the newly arrived Power, Interconnect, and Speaker Cables found on our website from CH Precision. Leveraging a long-standing partnership with Argento Cable, which provides great quality speaker lugs and internal wiring on CH products, comes the artistic freedom for CH to modify the Argento cable to meet its specifications outside the chassis with an updated selection of meticulously designed cables. The shieldless conductors, cloaked in all white, prioritize low capacitance and wide bandwidth by utilizing copper and solid silver conductors. Audio-Ultra reviews are in, and we strongly endorse this product. Don’t miss the opportunity to uplift your CH Precision audio experience with these exceptional cables – this is no mere hyperbole!

Audio Ultra Pre-Owned page screenshote


The Audio-Ultra website has a fresh look with a user-friendly navigation menu. It’s easier than ever to search for your favorite brands and categories.

We’ve added an exciting feature – the Pre-Owned product page. Here, you’ll find demo products, trade-ins, consignments, and overstock items. This move helps us dodge pesky listing fees and pass on the savings to you. Keep an eye out and contact us; some items might be available but not listed.

Now, there’s more good news! You can jam to our Qobuz Playlist on our homepage directly from our site and even snag a 2-month free trial.

Last, we’ve teamed up with d-Vision Creative to make our site look and function at its best. If you need top-notch web design and marketing services, contact Denise Herninko at www.dvision1.com or dmh@dvision1.com or dial 215-704-1411.

Spring is here, and it’s a thrilling time at Audio-Ultra! We’re diving into a total refresh of our music rooms, starting with fresh coats of Benjamin Moore paint to snazz up the atmosphere and electrical updates using our new Audio-Ultra AU3000 MKII rack-mounted power panel in Music Room 1.

And that’s not all – we’re also introducing new setup configurations, complete with unpacking the long-awaited Magico S3s for an enhanced audio experience.

During all this, we’ll be meticulously measuring room response, examining our equipment, ensuring clean connections, inspecting terminations, fine-tuning turntable setups, leveling racks and stands, positioning loudspeakers, rerunning cables, and more to guarantee absolute perfection. We can’t wait to have these rooms humming in harmony!

Audio Ultra listening room

This year, you can expect to see more of us at local area events, much like we just had in Seattle at the Capital Grille.  Several events are scheduled this year at the Capital Grille in April and September; Pacific Audio Fest will be in September, as well as several events held at our location where all the fun happens!

The core message of these events will be to help customers understand the differences between various sources, along with the products, in support of making the right decision when committing to HIFI.

Explore our engaging content on your favorite platforms. Keep up-to-date and enjoy a fantastic time with us. Your likes and subscriptions significantly contribute to our growth, helping us to enrich these channels even further.

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The BEST of the BEST. This slogan is more about our attitude looking at high-end audio as a whole. We realize there are a lot of great products out there, as well as the selection of brands we are trusted to represent, and herein lies the difference: A high-end audio system isn’t a system until it’s unboxed, properly mounted, properly connected, and meticulously positioned in your room. At Audio-Ultra, installation is not an afterthought, it’s our passion, and you will see this is a UNIQUE TRAIT in today’s audio environment.

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