The Magico Audio Loudspeakers Line: A Review

Many audiophiles know that a Magico is one of, if not the most coveted loudspeakers in the industry. Owning one is like having the crème de la crème of sound and music in the palm of your hands. This comes as no surprise as Magico audio is synonymous with high-resolution audio.

That said, not many can get their hands on one, but that has been changing recently. With the release of their A-series, Magico has captured a wider range of audiences. This extended their superb and unparalleled engineering to those who’ve always wanted one.

If you’re still unconvinced, then read on. Here’s a detailed review of the Magico Audio loudspeakers line. Know what to expect and why they’re some of the best in the industry.

Magico Engineering And Specs

To those new to the scene, Magico Loudspeakers can seem intimidating, and for a good reason. It’s not a secret in the audio world how Magico is the avantgarde of speakers. From its cabinetry, specs, and top-of-the-line materials, it’s engineered to get the job done right.

The speaker’s body consists of aircraft-grade aluminum. It’s one of the quietest cabinetries available, with nearly perfect sound dampening.

They also make use of pure beryllium diaphragms, as well as nanographene. This superior diaphragm and their new cone technology make them one of the best loudspeakers in the market today.

It also delivers a high-resolution sound for instruments, notes, and the body of the music as a whole. You’ll find that every Magico audio has the right stiffness, mass, and dampening. This is true even at the lowest frequencies, making sound and music crisp and revealing.

The Closest There Is To Being A Part Of The Performance

You may have heard it a thousand times, but it’ll never get old – Magico is precise and vivid. It’s great for high-pitched tones as well as lower-registrar sound and music. This makes it the perfect choice for either high-resolution sound, music, or both.

It also provides clear imaging and separation of capabilities in a speaker. This means you hear the sound as it is, in a very precise manner, from the sibilance of guitar strings scraping to the bass of the drums.

With Magico you’re sure to experience an amazing sound signature and no ear fatigue or ringing. Its decibel sensitivity and high-quality transducers make for quality reverberation. It’s almost like you’re in the same room with the performers.

Setting It Up

If there’s one catch to having a Magico, your space and room acoustics might limit their capability. An honest Magico Audio review will tell you this – they can require a lot of planning on your part. It’s worth noting that setting it up can be as easy or as challenging as your skill level.

Those with extensive experience can do it in little to no time. Trying to find the perfect plot point or placement for your Magico speakers is like delicate art.

When placed in an ideal spot, you’ll notice reduced reflections from the surfaces of your room. To find this, try to move your speakers forward towards the room while adjusting the tilt.

One last thing to know is that Magico is, and will always be, top-of-the-line. It and works best and beautifully with other sound system equipment of the same caliber.

Find Magic In Magico

Those looking to up their speaker game have all heard of Magico and its reputation. When looking for that level of quality, it’s important to find reputable people and Magico’s models A5, S5MKII and M3 are top of the line, high quality audio equipment. At Audio Ultra, we have everything you need to know about the best audio systems, so if you’re in the market for new audio equipment give us a shout.

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