The Critics Agree — 2022 is the Year of the Dragon

AudioQuest’s Dragon speaker cables and interconnects have been praised by some of the world’s most respected listeners for their ability to reveal more sonic information and communicate more of music’s emotional power.

The editors at Stereophile and The Absolute Sound agree. Dragon interconnects and speaker cables have been named Stereophile’s 2022 Product of the Year Finalists. Moreover, Dragon interconnects have been named The Absolute Sound 2022 Product of the Year in the category of Cables.

In his review of our Dragon XLRs, TAS’s Robert Harley marveled: “The Dragon is the most significant advance in interconnect performance I’ve encountered in 33 years of reviewing…. It made other interconnects, even great ones, sound a bit thin and bleached by comparison, like a slightly underexposed photograph…. Dragon is not only the most transparent and revealing interconnect I’ve heard, it’s also the most musically rewarding.”

Stereophile’s “Product of the Year” logo can be used in all print and digital promotional materials pertaining to Dragon speaker cables and interconnects; TAS’s award logo can be used in all print and digital promotional materials pertaining to Dragon interconnects.

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