You can eat at any restaurant and get a meal. When you eat at a Michelin 3 Star restaurant, you have a dining experience. There are many ways to listen to your digital music, but why just listen when you could experience it.

The Taiko SGM Extreme Server has taken digital music to another level. Rivaling the best turntable and tape experiences, Taiko has created a digital music experience that captivates and transforms the listeners.

Taiko Innovations

The team at Taiko took their time and focused on building the best digital sound experience when designing the SGM Extreme Server. They wanted to give discerning audiophiles an uncompromising audio experience.

The User

Taiko focused on giving the user a top-notch experience by focusing on their needs. Their systems feature the Roon interface to give their customers the best playback experience.

To make sure the user experience didn’t interfere with the sound, Taiko created a dual CPU system so the power needs wouldn’t interfere with the sound quality. Users get upper-echelon sound along with the powerful Roon interface.

The Storage

The problems with SSD storage and sound come from the fact that the SSD connects to the motherboard. This slows down the speed and affects the sound quality. Taiko sought a way to bypass that problem with PCIe modules.

The modules connect directly to the CPU and achieve 4x the speed of SSD. This causes much less system noise and increases the dynamic range. Plus, the storage has the capabilities to be anywhere from 2TB up to 24TB!

The Quality

While seeking to increase the PCM bit depth, Taiko sought to give the lowest latency possible. They wanted the server to have a shorter queue depth so there would be low EMI/RFI emissions affecting the sound.

The Extreme’s power is necessary to bring the audio stream quality to the highest level without overheating the server or making noise. All of this attention to detail increases your home’s audio performance.

The Design

The Extreme’s design was also done with a focus on noise. The body is made from aircraft-grade aluminum and shields external noise while protecting the components. The inside is also designed to decrease vibrational behavior.

They even focused on the sound qualities of the screws holding the top of the server. The holes are machined holes that act as “waveguides.” They reduce sound emissions by 81db!

The Extreme Rewards

The Taiko SGM Extreme Server was given the Mono & Stereo’s 2020 Award for the best music server. They also awarded the server as one of the best products of 2019. also gave the Extreme Server their Blue Moon Award for 2020. They call it, “The Mount Everest of PC-based Streamers.”

Your Audio Experience Awaits

Why listen to your music when you can experience your music? The Taiko SGM Extreme Server will give you the best sound and the best experience you could ask for.

Contact us and let us help you experience the best sound available. Our passion is enhancing your listening experience.