System Hierarchy – Multi-Part Video Series, Episode 3

“Hi, everyone, Ed DeVito here from Audio-Ultra,” your trusted source for high-end audio and AC Power Solutions.

I am here on the third leg of this mini-series to talk about system hierarchy, meaning selecting an order of importance for product choices based on my experience on where to place the dollars for the greatest impact when you decide to upgrade your HIFI system. And don’t get me wrong, you can start wherever you want to, I am merely suggesting what I have found to bring the greatest impact on this long and expensive journey.

Audio-Ultra represents Magico, CH Precision, Constellation, Dohmann, Kuzma, WADAX, Ideon, Berkeley, Aurender, AudioQuest, Critical Mass, Ortofon, StromTank and SOtM.


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About the Author: Audio Ultra

The BEST of the BEST. This slogan is more about our attitude looking at high-end audio as a whole. We realize there are a lot of great products out there, as well as the selection of brands we are trusted to represent, and herein lies the difference: A high-end audio system isn’t a system until it’s unboxed, properly mounted, properly connected, and meticulously positioned in your room. At Audio-Ultra, installation is not an afterthought, it’s our passion, and you will see this is a UNIQUE TRAIT in today’s audio environment.

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