• Tiralit™ Ultra Cabinet

    The cabinet of the TIDAL Akira G2 is made out of TIDAL's proprietary cabinet material, TIRALIT™. This cabinet material combines the rigidity of hard materials such as metal with the resonance absorbing behavior of softer materials such as wooden materials like MDF.

    Diamond Tweeter

    The TIDAL Akira G2 uses the same diamond tweeter technology as the big La Assoluta, it is a 1-carat pure diamond diaphragm tweeter with 30mm diameter (1.2"). Not only is it the biggest diamond tweeter in the world, TIDAL was also the very first company to use a 30mm diamond tweeter. 

    Diamond Midrange Woofer

    TIDAL's exclusive 80 mm midrange woofer is the result of the Accuton TIDAL cooperation and is to be found only in TIDAL speakers, Akira and La Assoluta. The diaphragm itself is made out of pure diamond.  Aside of the unique motor- and basket design, its unique 80 mm diamond diaphragm has the perfect diameter to be small enough to have an amazing off-axis dispersion and low moving mass for excellent impulse response

    BCS Woofer

    Another specialty only found in this speaker is the BCS woofer of the TIDAL Akira G2. The drivers were designed to play within the bass chamber with its big inner volume to play extremely deep, fast, and without compression, at the lowest and highest reproduction levels.

    BCS Radiators

    The TIDAL Akira G2 is designed to play ultra-precisely, even at the deepest frequencies. Each Akira is equipped at the backside with five long excursion passive radiators to support the front-firing woofers with a very deep and low distortion reproduction of bass frequencies without any movement noise.

    Passive Crossover

    Mounted in a hermetically shielded chamber are pure copper foil capacitors, coils of the same caliber, and silver-carbon resistors - only the finest components with proven long-time stability are used for our crossovers.

    Silver Terminal

    The Akira G2 includes Tidals pure silver binding posts. The complex construction is of a fiber-reinforced polymeric material that avoids any inductive electromagnetic field.
  • La Assoluta from Tidal Audio represents the pinnacle of achievement in loudspeaker design. The La Assoluta is a four-way, 7-driver loudspeaker that towers over 7' - 5" tall, with each loudspeaker weighing 1069 lbs.  This 93db efficient, made-to-order marvel is a shear statement in both presence and performance due in part to its massive size that houses the largest diamond diaphragms tuned to offer a performance so astonishing that it simply has to be heard.   Attached to the front baffle is a patented double-driver array around the tweeter that utilizes 27 carats of industrial-grade diamonds per speaker, reproducing flawless frequencies up from 150 Hz. The proprietary crossover only uses the best in hand-selected and matched materials that, like all Tidal speakers, are housed in a hermetically sealed chamber.  Resonance is controlled with Tidal's TIRALIT-Ultra advanced cabinet material and bracing, which also supports Tidal's famous lacquered piano finish or the option of world-class veneer finishes that can be selected by the owner to fit any decor. For further performance, The La Assoluta also allows passive plug-and-play performance and can be tuned even further with active bass activation using the Assoluta-LPX. If you can envision this loudspeaker in your setting, then we cordially invite you to see and hear this loudspeaker firsthand within the factory listening room in Hürth, Germany.
  • The TIDAL Prisma. Transparency and invisibility at a new level. The Prisma does exactly two things only, and it does it in absolute perfection: selecting the source and adjusting the volume. It has to be experienced to understand the game-changing way it does this. It takes itself acoustically completely out of the way between the source and the power amplifier. The unique concept, the TIDAL pre-amplifier topology itself, and the execution of the complex multilayer PCB board are the inner heart of the unique performance. On top of all that the Prisma comes with our legendary fully balanced MC phono input. A line stage like no other, as always embedded into our timeless and iconic TIDAL cabinet and built-in perfection.
  • The TIDAL Intra results from the uncompromising implementation of our most basic requirement: pure amplification of the musical signal without adding any sonic color or concealing even the smallest details.  With it, we offered TIDAL amplification in the same cabinet size such as the Prisma and Camira. What might look at a first view as a multi-channel purpose amplifier - is more than that. The TIDAL Intra is first and above all a high-end stereo power amplifier. It contains two physically divided stereo modules, built like a dual mono power amplifier. For true stereo power amplification, one channel per module per speaker side. Then each main power supply for each module takes care of only one channel - for ultimate 2-channel sound. The options on top of that are built inside already: one could also connect with two channels per speaker for passive or active bi-amping. Or one does integrate the TIDAL Intra into a high-end multi-channel system. Intra can also be bridged for subwoofer applications with the TIDAL LPX technology.  The Intra offers true stereo excellence!
  • We have pushed the concept of the Impulse stereo power amplifier to its extreme and developed an all-new 1.600 VA power supply with true power regulation. Thus, the TIDAL Ferios mono amplifier board is certain for all practical means and purposes to be supplied with never-failing power reserves and a lavish feed of clean current that will easily drive every imaginable speaker. The generous supply of additional power is merely a welcome byproduct. The real goal was the absolute relaxation with which the Ferios performs, to the extent where any attempted description of sound attributes becomes meaningless. The Ferios is quite simply a benchmark for amplification in this size.
  • The TIDAL statement power amplifier in monoblock fashion. The Assoluta is the finest we offer to amplify the most delicate music signals to ultimate power. The Monoblock offers all the loudspeaker's grip and control without adding color to the signal.  The result we have accomplished is beyond the trial to get an idea out of the provided specifications, data, and used technologies. Silence. Finesse. Endless control. Music in its true beauty.
  • The TIDAL Arkas is designed to be the perfect digital music content controller for TIDAL's high-end systems. The Arkas approach was simple: build the perfect musical data file transport with TIDAL performance and reliability. In general, the TIDAL Arkas concept can be compared to the build of a super sports car: as little weight as possible, by removing all but what is necessary, combined with the most power possible - to get the best performance and keep up with the pace. Arkas is built as a no-file-storage system internally and only the core relevant technology around an extremely potent power supply, and it is combined with a unique file transport output. All digital half-life components like music data storage, NAS/music server systems, and hard drives, are intended to be outside the TIDAL Arkas. This way the TIDAL Arkas remains the center of content management as an elite streamer for many years, since some things will not change as quickly as digital technology: our timeless TIDAL electronics cabinet and the power supply inside the Arkas are future-ready. The peripheral components to run the PCB boards and the streaming PCB itself are designed to be upgraded and adjusted - protecting your investment and guaranteeing the very best sound for your TIDAL systems. Whatever the future brings, the Arkas is prepared. Every Arkas comes with a proprietary data connection output called TIDAL-Link. This unique cable connection overcomes the disadvantages of SPDIF RCA, AES, or USB in sound quality and the lack of possibility of playing certain files with certain connections. The TIDAL link cable comes with every Arkas, ready to be plugged into the TIDAL Camira to unleash its real performance and create the perfect TIDAL combination.
  • The Camira is the reference digital-analog converter (DAC) from TIDAL - and its performance is so radical that we gave the device a new name: Camira DMC Digital Music Converter™. Designed without compromises it offers a true digital-to-analog output conversion, whether PCM or native DSD. The Camira TIDAL’s proprietary Analog Signal Remediation Technology (ASRT). With it, we can return the analog signal from any 44.1 KHz signal containing the most used formats: every CD and music streaming service, in a sound quality only known from native high-resolution formats or analog sources.
  • The TIDAL Contros is designed to be the perfect digital music content controller for TIDAL high-end systems. This is the first TIDAL masterpiece directly benefiting from the ultra-exclusive TIDAL for Bugatti project and its MC-1 controller as basically a synergy-scaled version. The TIDAL Contros combines core Camira, Arkas, and Prisma technologies within one cabinet. All it needs is power, ethernet, then connection to a power amp, ready to perform at a TIDAL reference level, and to simplify the listening experience without compromise.
  • Sale!

    Crystal Cable – Crystal Power Special – 10M Roll

    Original price was: $3,500.00.Current price is: $2,500.00.
    The MSRP is shown; please contact us to see how we can work together to help you obtain these fine product upgrades. Cable sourced directly from the distributor, never used so can only attest to the build quality. The 12 AWG cable is 10 Meters and only sold as 10M. Silver/Gold stranded around stranded copper for both line and neutral and silver stranded for ground. A fiber is woven between the conductors and the conductor is wrapped with silver shielding and a polymer sleeve.

    No Trades on this offering. The product will ship insured and, in many cases, palletized by ground carrier.  Shipping will occur once the funds have cleared. The product is not under warranty unless stated. All demos, trade-ins, and open boxes other than new, non-special ordered sales are final.

  • The MSRP is shown; please contact us to see how we can work together to enhance your analog portion of the system. CH Precision P1 Phono Amplifier is scheduled to ship to Switzerland for factory recertification. Upon its return, it will be factory-fresh and unopened, as good as new. From experience, this is one phono stage to reckon with. Think clarity, low noise floor, detail and dynamics. Further enhancement is realized with the optional X1 outboard power supply which is capable of powering up two front end CH products with no sonic penalty! Trades may be considered. Upon return from CH, the product will ship insured and, in many cases, palletized by ground carrier.  Shipping will occur once the funds have cleared. The product under 2 year warranty unless stated. All demos, trade-ins, and open boxes other than new, non-special ordered sales are final.      
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    Bocchino XLR Mayflower – Floor Demo

    Original price was: $3,070.00.Current price is: $1,000.00.
    About Bocchino: based in Australia, Carmine Bocchino runs and operates a boutique business focusing on quality constructed cable terminations and related products for signal and power. The Bocchino Bocctech brand ready-made cables offered here incorporate the sum of the parts as a whole; Mayflower uses copper conductors, making things a touch warmer, All terminations and plugs use UHM polymers for resonance with copper metallurgy, IME terminations have some serious weight on cable performance. Bocchino terminations are designed large in diameter/size, so inputs or outputs need at least 1/4" space between them and do take note of the photo with the ruler to understand the length so have enough rear clearance. These cables are about 3 years old and have been used and the jacket is beyond durable making this one quality cable. All Bocchino is priced to sell as the brand is not widespread in the US, making these high quality cables a financial loss for AU. Note: Carmine builds cables and not boxes, so no OEM boxes with cable. Prices for Moonsoon has sold, and there is only 1 pair of 2M Mayflower's available.

    Retail prices are not sale prices; please call to see what we can do to help you get these products into your system. Trades may be considered. The product will ship insured and, in many cases, palletized by ground carrier.  Shipping will occur once the funds have cleared. The product is not under warranty unless stated. All demos, trade-ins, and open boxes other than new, non-special ordered sales are final.



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