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X1 External Power Supply

This is one area of technology where size really matters – just not necessarily in the way that you might assume. The critical circuits in your audio system run on DC voltage. The level of that voltage needs to be precise and the level of residual noise it carries needs to be as low as possible. All CH Precision components contain sophisticated power supplies with extensive local DC regulation. But this is one field in which you can never put too much protection between the signal path and the noisy, RF polluted and mechanically intrusive AC supply.

The X1 is an optional power supply for the C1.2, D1.5, L1, and P1. The X1 can be fitted with single or double regulators which powers up to two components without performance sacrifice. It is recommended the dual regulator power up only digital or all analog sources.


Digital and analog power supplies monitoring
Over- & under-voltage

DC outputs
One or two independent output boards as specified

440 x 440 x 133mm (W x D x H), 22kg



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