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VR-55 MkII

VR-55 MkII

Featuring ceramic honeycomb woofers and midrange drivers along with a damped Beryllium dome tweeter, the measured distortion is less than 0.5% at normal listening levels. These drivers, when mounted in our Pat. Pending Triple Wall Laminate noise reducing cabinet, will reproduce the sonic tapestry with clarity and musicality that we have all been searching for. The VR-55 MkII represents over 40-years of our proprietary sound engineering!

In it’s standard configuration, the VR-55 MkII is offered as a traditional and purely passive reference loudspeaker with extremely accurate linear response from the factory.

But for those interested in achieving the optimum linear response in their room with the fastest, tightest and deepest bass possible, we offer the VR-55 MkII Aktive version which incorporates our proprietary Foundation Amplifiers.

With traditional passive speakers, the listening room will dictate not only where the speakers will need to be placed but also how good the bass will ultimately sound. With our VR-55 MkII Aktive version, each channel incorporates a 700-watt built-in Foundation Amplifier between the woofer binding posts and the passive crossover network for the dual bass drivers. This allows the owner to decide exactly where they would like to place the speakers in the room and then adjust the bass drivers with an analog attenuator to deliver highly accurate linear response in that location, regardless of room dynamics.

This bi-amp technique allows anyone, in any room, to achieve superb bass depth and also enables matching of the bass level to the upper frequency ranges. Finally, a speaker for every room!

To add the depth found in the concert hall, we have provided a rear-firing ribbon tweeter along with our Ambience Retrieval System with Effects Level Control. This Dipolar Design creates a “bubble” of sound rather than a narrow “beam,” generating a huge sweet space. For those listeners who do not require a subwoofer amplifier, we also build a Passive version.


FREQ RESP 21Hz - 40kHz
SENSITIVITY: 88dB @ 1w/1m
REC. MIN. POWER: 50 watts
SIZE: 42" x 13" x 24"
WEIGHT: 186 lbs




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