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Ultra 9

Ultra 9

The ULTRA 9 achieves a level of performance and realism previously not possible utilizing an all-new cabinet noise reduction design, low distortion drivers and signal path, as well as our proprietary Global Axis Integration Network circuit design.

Sharing the same characteristics and technology as the ULTRA 11, just in a smaller enclosure, the ULTRA 9 perfect size for any real-world sound room.  Von Schweikert Audio didn’t invent loudspeakers, but we’ve spent over 40 years perfecting them and the ULTRA 9 is the pinnacle of our efforts.

  • Extremely low distortion, class-defining clarity, three dimensional image focus, and lush harmonic structure set a new world standard.

  • MasterBuilt Ultra Internal Wiring comes standard on the ULTRA Line. Each signal path is individually shielded and damped with point to point connections. Designed by leaders in the Aerospace industry and made with rare and precious alloys. It’s simply the most transparent signal path available.

  • All-new exotic drivers such as ceramic woofers and midranges, Beryllium tweeters, compound woven subwoofers and ribbon super tweeters.

  • Point to point hand built networks with isolated architecture that protects crossover parts and wiring from electrical noise contamination.

  • Version 2.0 Aktive Cabinet Vibration Control, eliminating cabinet noise with new materials and layering techniques.

  • Time Alignment, Phase Consistency, and adjustable bi-polar sound radiation pattern for room-filling sound. The ULTRA 9 design employs one 15” powered subwoofer per channel to achieve full-range response from 16Hz to 40kHz.