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You may have heard someone say or said yourself something like “it sounds analog” or “it sounds musical” when listening to a very good sound.

Such expressions have been used to describe sound that is close to the real charm in an actual performance stage or that is instead expressed in musical nuances. However, whether it is the former or the latter expressions, the meaning of these expressions could only make sense when the feelings of a very dedicated and dynamic live performance reach our ears and touch our minds.

However, with most audio systems it is very difficult to experience such charm or musical nuances, and in fact even it is even hard to reach such sound with ultra high-end audio systems.


USB audio signal regenerated by sCLK-EX

  • Custom designed ultra low phase noise oscillation circuit
  • Isolated differential clock signal circuit
  • Wide operating voltage input range
  • Ultra low noise regulator circuit
  • Optional 10MHz master clock input

2 ports USB hub

  • USB port power ON/OFF switch




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