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Stereo 1.0

The best possible fidelity.

Achieving a perfect balance between the two halves of an audio signal is possible only when the incoming signal is itself perfectly balanced. This is why the Inspiration STEREO 1.0 uses the same Line Stage Gain Module circuit found in all Constellation Audio products. The Line Stage Gain Module’s servo circuits assure that both halves of an incoming signal are perfectly balanced, no matter what the source.But if the source is a Constellation Audio preamp — which of course has its own Line Stage Gain Module — then so much the better. Because you can then use the Constellation Direct balanced input, which bypasses the Inspiration STEREO 1.0’s input stage for the best possible fidelity.

A cool, reliable operation.

A custom-wound toroidal transformer, feeding a total of 24 capacitors yielding a combined 240,000 microfarads of storage, assures that the Inspiration STEREO 1.0’s output stages always receive the clean, ample voltage and current needed to achieve maximum musicality and sonic transparency. Massive heat sinks, ventilated through hundreds of ventilation ports in Constellation Audio’s trademark machined-aluminum side panels, assure cool, reliable operation.


Inputs: 1 Constellation Direct XLR, 1 standard balanced XLR, 1 unbalanced RCA
Outputs: metal binding posts
Power output: 200 watts, 8 ohm (1 kHz @ 1% THD+N)
400 watts, 4 ohm (1 kHz @ 1% THD+N)
Gain: 14dB Constellation Direct, 26 dB Balanced & RCA
Output noise: <70 ?V, 500 kHz BW, -116 dB @ 250 watts
Damping factor (8Ω load): 80
THD+N: <0.05%, 1 kHz @ up to 90% of rated power Frequency response: 10 Hz to 80 kHz, +0/-0.5 dB Signal-to-noise ratio: >-95 dB, A-weighted
Input impedance (direct): 100K Ω
Input impedance (balanced): 100K Ω
Input impedance (single-ended): 100K Ω
Output impedance: 0.1 ohm
Volume control resolution: 0.5dB from 0dB to -90 dBFS
Weight: 80 lbs / 36.3 kg
Dimensions (W x H x D): 17" x 8.5" x 19"
43.2cm x 21.6cm x 48.3cm



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