SME 15 Platter & Series 309 Arm – Trade-In

SME 15 Platter & Series 309 Arm – Trade-In

Original price was: $16,800.00.Current price is: $7,975.00.

53% Off

The SME 15/309 was purchased new as a package and was well cared for by a meticulous customer we know well.

SME 15 has received much praise, including from Michael Fremer as a favorite within the SME line.

This turntable, from a well-regarded English company, is a reliable choice in terms of both performance and price.

If you require a new cartridge, we offer pairings from EMI, Lyra, and Ortofon in addition to setup services.

Shipping will occur once the funds have cleared. All demos and trade-in sales are final.