For years, there have been many devices that use a variety of techniques to address AC power anomalies. The Stromtank models take this a step further and instead of simply adding a filter to the AC power signal, a Stromtank creates its own AC power! A Stromtank is completely independent from the traditional, fluctuating domestic power grid, by developing its own, independent power plant to supply your audio components.

Only the power generator Stromtank offers you the unique opportunity to provide your system with stable energy, completely disconnected from the electrical grid. This complete network separation works for hours and is electrically disconnected from the AC main circuits isolating your system from any AC surges, sags, noise, or radiations.


Max Power Total: 2,000 Watts

Contact: Nano Crystal Formular (NCF)

Fuse: Cartridge Fuse 6.3 x 32 Slo-Blo (slow blow)

DDS Filter (Digital Distortion Suppression)

High frequency trap, fully shielded, to reduce digital distortion on the power line



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