The Kuzma SAFIR: The heart of the tonearm is a very rigid and stiff sapphire conical tube, which allows the cartridge to perform to its maximum potential. The bearings are our unique design of 4 spikes set in sapphire cups similar to those used in 4Point tonearms. All four points have minimal starting and moving friction and zero play in all directions, thus ensuring that the headshell with the cartridge moves precisely and with minimal vibration across the record.

The sapphire tube is fitted into a massive block of solid aluminum and brass, giving inert support and further dissipating vibrations during playback and bearing motions. The counterweight with a lock mechanism balances the tonearm. Azimuth and VTA can be adjusted in small repeatable increments with zero play using an Allen key.

The tonearm is fixed via the Kuzma arm base on the turntable arm board. VTA is adjusted by raising or lowering the tonearm’s pillar in the arm base with a VTA screw which controls its height, thus still allowing precise VTA changes when required.

Internal wiring is of superior special alloy silver wires.  A set of 4 wires runs unbroken from the cartridge pins via a 1.5 m long tonearm cable with silver RCA or XLR connectors.

SAFIR shows your cartridge’s ultimate potential and will effectively reveal music hidden in the grooves, giving you a new record collection!

From Edward: Audio-Ultra was one of two recipients that received the Safir upon its arrival in the United States. Upon setup, this arm immensely lowered the noise floor, bringing a more comprehensive range of clarity and life to our record collections. This has been proven at many listening events with clients and audio industry representatives. Low-compliance cartridges are better suited for this tonearm. I highly recommend purchasing this arm if you’re into analog and can budget The Safir. Wait time is approximately six weeks.