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The NEW 2024 Magico S5

A true powerhouse!

It would not be an embellishment to say that Magico’s new S Series offers the company’s most cutting-edge advancements in loudspeaker design to date. The S3 harkened to a new era, and now the S5 adds a gravitas that can’t be ignored. High technology meets a muscular new form factor. The mighty Magico S5 is now a reality.

Sculpted enclosure

The newly designed curved-and-shaped aluminum cabinet—is optimized using simulated 3D modeling to minimize internal resonances—maximizes stiffness while enabling optimal damping strategies. The front baffle is curved for minimal diffraction effects. Notably, the S5’s internal volume increased by 31% compared to the previous version. The larger bass cabinet enables the S5’s low-frequency response to plumb 5Hz lower—to 20Hz—while keeping the same sensitivity (88dB).

Innovative driver technology

A key change from previous Magico cones is the aluminum-honeycomb core sandwiched by graphene-reinforced carbon-fiber skins. The Nano-Tec v.8 cone’s revolutionary core structure —possible only with recently developed manufacturing techniques—allows lower thickness,  lighter weight, and more effective damping. The result has pushed distortion lower than ever before.

In addition to vastly improved cone construction, Magico has invested three years in a new generation of driver chassis. This third-generation chassis structure improves mechanical and acoustical parameters, like much-improved force distribution, better suspension designs, and a dual-post configuration that equalizes dynamic tensile wire forces. The new chassis combines stiffness and damping while allowing minimal acoustic contribution by reducing modes and maximizing airflow.

All-star driver lineup

The S5’s midrange is 6” in diameter with a 3” voice coil. It employs the Magico Nano-Tec v.8 cone and is built into a third-generation chassis. This driver features two extra-large neodymium magnets, a full copper cap, and a pure titanium voice coil. The S5’s midrange sets a new benchmark for measured performance in frequency and time domains. The result is midrange clarity that will leave you speechless.

The bass in the S5 is provided by a pair of 10” woofers. Each driver sports a 5” titanium voice coil and a Nano-Tec v.8 cone built into a third-generation chassis. This woofer has a colossal copper cap capable of one-half inch of linear movement with the lowest distortion available in a driver of its size. This enables the S5 to provide accurate, undistorted low frequencies while producing high maximum sound pressure levels. The S5 produces low frequencies with awe-inspiring power and depth while maintaining fidelity to the source not heard outside a Magico loudspeaker.

The S5’s tweeter is based on the model used in the M Series. The S5’s 28mm tweeter uses a diamond-coated beryllium diaphragm. A neodymium-based motor system yields the lowest
distortion possible today and has even greater power handling than previous S Series speakers. Careful FEA modeling allowed Magico to improve the mechanical and acoustical performance of the back chamber. The S5’s high frequencies are chock-full of textural detail and the sonic subtleties Magico is renowned for.


The S5 is available in a generous selection of premium finishes: six Softec choices that are rich in color depth, smooth to the touch, and very durable; and six High Gloss finishes that are expertly polished to a lustrous shine with a clear top coat. The three-footer supports the system using constrained-layer damping and premium materials for greatly enhanced sonic performance.

S5 orders placed in the 2024 calendar year will include a special accessory box celebrating. Magico’s 20th anniversary. This memento was designed and crafted specifically to accompany the S5, shaped with the curvature of the S5’s cabinet. Each custom machined- the aluminum accessory box is engraved with your S5s’ serial numbers and the Magico “20” anniversary logo.


Configuration: 3-way, 4-driver design
Tweeter: 1.1” (28mm) MB5FP pure-beryllium, diamond-coated diaphragm
Midrange: 6” MA6004RTC Mk2 midrange driver
Woofer: 10” MAG10508 RTC bass driver (2)
Sensitivity: 88dB
Impedance: 4 ohms
Frequency Response: 20Hz—50kHz
Recommended power: 50W—1000W
Dimensions: 47.72” H (121.2cm) x 19.28” D (49cm) x 19.1” W (48.5cm) (measurements with outriggers)
Weight: 262 pounds (118.8kg)
Note: All features and specifications are subject to change.
Ship date: Q3 2024