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ENCLOSURE TECHNOLOGY: The S3 features a newly engineered enclosure assembled from four extruded aluminum panels. A massive machined top plate is curved, including an upward pitch to minimize enclosure diffraction and to break up vertical standing waves. A thicker and more substantial baseplate incorporates a newly designed 3-point outrigger system with a new foot design that lowers the center of gravity of the speaker and increases overall stability, resulting in a lower noise floor and increased dynamics.

ACOUSTIC DESIGN: The Klippel Near-Field-Scanner (NFS) uses a single microphone that rotates around a loudspeaker enclosure suspended in free air. The microphone analyzes the environment space first and then takes fully automated 3D acoustic measurements (on and off axis) in a minimal amount of time without needing an anechoic chamber. The Klippel Near-Field-Scanner provides Magico with unprecedented, highly accurate data allowing Magico to predict the in-room reflections and response of each loudspeaker within a standard listening room environment.

DRIVER TECHNOLOGY: Finite Element Analysis (FEA) provides Magico engineers with a single platform to assess acoustical, mechanical, electromagnetic, and thermal properties. This meticulous testing helps minimize distortions in the frequency and time domains.

TWEETER HIGHLIGHTS: The S3 tweeter features the vaunted Magico 28mm diamond-coated beryllium diaphragm combined with a neodymium-based motor system, a new acoustically improved back chamber, and a customized shape to integrate into the curved front baffle.

MIDRANGE DRIVER HIGHLIGHTS: The 5-inch pure midrange driver enables wider dispersion and greater midrange transparency. A customized basket assembly supports the advanced cone and innovative foam surround, helping achieve ideal cone/surround integration, faster settling time, and impressively low distortion.

BASS DRIVER HIGHLIGHTS: The 9” bass driver features an enhanced version of Magico’s Graphene Nano-Tec cone. The new bass unit incorporates oversized components, including a 5-inch pure Titanium voice coil and a colossal copper cap with 1/2” of linear excursion. The super-stabilized magnetic field allows the reproduction of superior low bass output (112dB @ 50Hz measured at 1 meter) while maintaining very low distortion and inductance below 0.25m.


Driver Complement:
1.1" MB5FP Diamond Coated Beryllium Dome (x1)
5" Gen 8 Midrange driver (x1)
9" Gen 8 Bass driver (x2)
Sensitivity: 88dB
Impedance: 4 Ohms Frequency Response: 24 Hz - 50 kHz
Recommended Minimum Power: 50 watts
44"H x 17"D x 12W (17” outrigger)
(112cm x 43cm x 30cm)
Weight: 222 lbs. (101 kg)