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P1 Dual Monaural Phono-Stage

That reflects both the inherent qualities and character of analog sound, but also the fact that record replay has significantly upped its game in the face of ever-increasing competition from high-res digital sources. These days, serious record collectors and listeners wanting the best possible sound will seek out rare original pressings, appreciate the virtues of mono (as opposed to many stereo) releases and purchase their discs, new and used, from all over the world.

Likewise, the once simple process of playing those discs can achieve levels of sophistication and record-by-record optimization we never dreamed of, back when the vinyl LP was the only high-quality format.


MC current-sensing input impedance
< 100mΩ, virtual ground
Equivalent Input Noise (EIN)
< -135dBu without X1, <-138dBu with X1 / 1Ω termination, gain +70dB, 22kHz BW
MM/MC voltage input impedance
Variable from 100kΩ to 20Ω
Equivalent Input Noise (EIN)
< -130dBu without X1, <-135dBu with X1 / 1Ω termination, gain +70dB, 22kHz BW
Playback EQ curves accuracy
+/- 0.1dB
High pass filter
3rd order (-18dB per octave), 10Hz
Max analog output level
8V RMS balanced
4V RMS single-ended
Frequency response
> 400kHz (RIAA equalization filter disconnected)
Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise
< 0.01%, 1kHz, output level 3V RMS, 22kHz BW
440 x 440 x 133mm (W x D x H) / 20kg



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