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NCF Clear Line

NCF Clear Line
AC Power Supply Optimizer


  • The NCF Clear Line body is formed with nylon and glass fiber incorporating nano-sized ceramic particles and carbon powder for their additional “Piezo Effect” damping properties. As well as Furutech’s NCF (Nano Crystal² Formula) which eliminates static, “interconverts” thermal, mechanical, and electrical energy and damps vibrations.
  • Furutech’s NCF Clear Line utilizes enameled "α(Alpha)-OCC Air Coil" passive wire coils to improve power quality and system sound performance by eliminating radiated resonance from power electrodes. Each α(Alpha)-OCC Air Coil in the NCF Clear Line has been designed to complement the performance enhancing characteristics of Furutech’s unique NCF (Nano Crystal Formula) anti-static and resonance damping material. The results, Furutech’s NCF Clear Line will eliminate noise, remove static and improve the overall quality of your power, taking the performance of your system to the next level. (Passive: N & L poles are not connected and do not form a circuit).
  • The NCF Clear Line body and housing are secured with special T10 tamper-proof stainless-steel screws and washers. Factory tightened to the optimal torque value for best sound performance.
  • The NCF Clear Line housing lining ring has been formed from special resonance damping Nylon and Furutech’s NCF material and the barrel housing constructed of 4 layers of Furutech’s hybrid NCF carbon fiber
  • The internal air chamber is pressure sealed to for additional damping effects
  • The NCF End Cover is formed from special heat resistant nylon and Furutech ‘s NCF material with molded channels to increase the surface area of the NCF material by 76% for improved effectiveness – ultimate resonance damping for improved tonal balance.
  • Outward size: L 88.4 X W39.5 mm approx.
  • Net Weight: 69 g approx.
  • Suggested burn in time 24 hrs.



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