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Lacorde Statement Speaker

Lacorde Statement Speaker

The flagship product Lacorde Statement Speaker sets the ultimate benchmark for loudspeaker cables

After a research time of over 10 years with thousands of listening hours of countless carefully evaluated variations and combinations of different conductor materials, conductor alloy materials, dielectric isolation materials, specific geometries, specific resonance control devices, cable treatments (cryogenic processing, heat processing, etc.), connectors, connection methods, etc., we developed our world wide unique benchmark cable series Lacorde Statement which is the best you will ever hear!

Our supreme reference cables of the Lacorde Statement series provide staggering, unprecedented levels of performance in any aspect and have the ability to connect you to the real recording place like no other cable in the world.


Conductor material
High conductive and high purity special proprietary alloy
Pressed Teflon
Proprietary Göbel spade connectors out of high purity Tellurium copper and high purity silver. For the best possible contact pressure and therefore lowest possible transition resistance and long-term stability.
Multiple stranded design. Composition of special materials in order to avoid static electrification and also to avoid resonances and microphonic effects.
Standard length = 3 meter. The length could also be longer or shorter each 50 cm.