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L10 Dual Monaural Twin-Chassis Line Preamplifier

When it comes to musical integrity, nothing says “walk silently – but carry a big stick!” quite like the new L10.

When it comes to high-end electronics, there are fewer top-flight line preamplifiers than any other product category, a fact that reflects just how critical their role is to system performance – and how difficult they are to design. So, when you already build the L1, widely recognised as one of the finest line preamplifiers ever heard, how do you set about improving it?

By keeping the recipe and refining the ingredients – something that’s easily said but which has taken all of our accumulated knowledge and experience to achieve. But achieve it we did. The L1 set a new benchmark. The L10 sets an entirely new standard for musical performance.

Any line-stage needs to be quiet, transparent and stable. It needs to be seen and not heard – at least until you remove it from your system. Then you should hear exactly what it brings to the party! It must anchor the incoming signals and deliver them onwards, propelled from a firm footing that ensures dynamic and musical authority. It must pass the source signals in your system, without limitation or disturbance, leaving no trace of itself on their passage. It must be all powerful but also invisible…


User Control:
Dual concentric rotary knob with push function,
CH Control Android app
Display: 800×480 24bits RGB AMOLED
Power Supply: Selectable 100V, 115V or 230V AC, 47Hz to 63Hz
Power Consumption (Standby): < 1W
Power Consumption (Normal operation): Max 400W
Operating Conditions Temperature: +5C to +35C, humidity: 5% to 85% (no condensation)
Dimensions of each Chassis (W x D x H):
440mm x 440mm x 120mm (main body)
440mm x 470mm x 132mm (overall including connectors and feet)
Weight Audio Unit: 20kg
Power supply =Unit: 23 kg
Firmware Update / Control: USB port for firmware update / Ethernet based system control

Analog inputs
Balanced Inputs: 4x XLR connectors per board, 94kΩ or 600Ω load (user selectable)
Single-ended Inputs:
2x RCA connectors per board, 47kΩ or 300Ω load (user selectable)
2x BNC connectors per board, 47kΩ or 300Ω load (user selectable)
Maximum Input Level: +26dBu (16Vrms) balanced, +20dBu (8Vrms) single-ended

Analog outputs
Balanced Outputs: 2x XLR connectors per board
Single-Ended Outputs: 1x RCA connector per board, 1x BNC connector per board
Output and I/V stages:
0% global feedback (100% local), or 100% global feedback
(0% local)
Maximum Output Level:
+29dBu (16Vrms) balanced
+23dBu (8Vrms) single-ended
Volume Control Range: -100dBu to +18dBu in 0.5dB steps
Frequency Response: (-3dB point) DC-1MHz
Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR, unweighted): 141dB, unity gain and at maximum input level Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise (THD+N): <0.0008%, 1kHz, unity gain
Output Noise:
-112dBu (1.8μVrms) balanced,
-115dBu (1.3μVrms) single-ended

Remote Control
Remote Control Type: Infrared. Uses RC5 codes. Range: 10m (line of sight)
Remote Control Batteries: 2x AAA type



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