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L1 Dual Monaural Line Stage

On the face of it, all a line-stage has to do is allow you to select between sources and set the system level. Sounds simple? Yet, not only is the quality and performance of the line-stage an absolutely key factor in determining overall system performance, there are fewer contenders for stateof-the-art line-stage honors than in any other product category. Maybe designing the best possible line-stage isn’t quite so simple after all.


Max analog input and output levels
16V RMS balanced
8V RMS single-ended

Input impedance
94kΩ or 600Ω balanced
47kΩ or 300Ω single-ended

Frequency response
DC – 1MHz

Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise
Output 3V RMS, 22kHz BW
< 0.001%, 1kHz, unity gain

Signal to Noise Ratio
Maximum output
> 136dB, unity gain

440 x 440 x 133mm (W x D x H), 20kg



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