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The Khumar Cartridge is known for its exceptional sound quality and precision. Its specialty lies in its ability to deliver rich, warm tones with incredible detail and clarity. With a low resonance body and a high-quality stylus, this cartridge is designed to minimize distortion and maximize audio fidelity. The Khumar Cartridge is also highly versatile, able to handle a wide range of musical genres and playback styles. Its durability and longevity make it a reliable choice for audiophiles and music enthusiasts alike. Overall, the Khumar Cartridge stands out for its impeccable performance and ability to elevate the listening experience.


Cartridge Name: - Khumar Cartridge
Type: - MC Stereo
Stylus: - NUDE shibata III from JAPAN
Cantilever: - 0.28mm boron
Coil Wire: - OCC
Height: - 17.8mm
Weight: - 8.8g
Output Level: - 0.3mV ( 1KHz, 5cm/s)
DC Resistance: - 2 Ω
Frequency Response: - 20-20KHz±1dB
Channel Separation: - >32dB
Channel Balance: - <0.5dB
Load Impedance: - ≥20 Ω
Load Capacity: - 100pF
Compliance: - 15 μm/mN (10Hz, Dynamic )
Recommended Tracking Force: - 1.9g
Tracking Force Range: - 1.7 - 2.3g
Run-In Period: - 20 Hours