The best way of achieving USB signal quality, providing a DAC with clean, purified feed., with a highly improved sonic, immediately audible.

Part of the eos digital system, the Ideon Audio eos Time is a state-of-the-art USB signal conditioning device, following the design principles of the Ideon re-clocking platforms.

Improvements vs 3R Master Time:

The eos Time is an evolution of the very successful 3R Master Time. It comes with a new case to match the eos system, new improved clock, enhanced power supply, a new PCB design and new ultra low esr capacitors bank, compared to the Master Time.

In any audio system, regardless of brand or price level – from the ultra hi-end systems to the most modest laptop-based playback, an Ideon Audio re-clocking device such as the eos Time, placed between source & digital-to-analog converter invariably, consistently, and dramatically improves the sonic result.


USB: type 2.0 hi speed: 480Mb/sec
PCM, DSD: Full Compatibility
OPERATING SYSTEM SEAMLESS OPERATION: With USB Stack Support (no special drivers required)
USB POWER RAIL:Switchable 5V on/offs
Four Asynchronous Endpoint Buffers
POWER SUPPLY: Triple ultra-low noise linear power supply
OUTPUT POWER: 600mA ultra low noise 5 volt USB
DIMENSIONS (W X H X D): 460 x 295 x 110 mm ( (18.1 x 11.5 x 2.9 in)
WEIGHT: 10 kg (~ 22 lbs)
APPLICATION: Computer audio systems / DAC / ADC



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