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Endeavor RE

Endeavor RE

Building on the highly successful lineage of the world-class Endeavor loudspeakers, Von Schweikert Audio is please to present our newest offering; the Endeavor Reference Edition. This model incorporates the highly refined full-range performance one expects from a VSA loudspeaker including our critically acclaimed Beryllium tweeter which is used throughout the VR and ULTRA line of flagship loudspeakers.

The Endeavor RE also incorporates other design VSA elements like our proprietary Global Axis Intetegrated Network, Rear-Ambient Retrieval System, Bi-Wire inputs with isolated networks and high-quality crossover components. The Reference Edition is identical to our Special Edition in all ways except for finish. The Endeavor RE comes in our American Walnut finish which is much less expensive that the automotive finish on the Special Edition.

Featuring advanced speaker components often found in systems many times our price:

  • Anodized aluminum woofer cones, Kevlar midrange, and damped Beryllium dome tweeter to ensure highest level of sonic transparency possible.

  • Rear ambience retrieval driver. To match the transient response and tone quality of the superb front tweeter, we have employed a 75mm ribbon tweeter driven by a Neodymium magnet system for the lowest distortion and widest frequency range we have measured from a 75mm ribbon.

  • Top-class measurements with lowest distortion/coloration in its price range.

  • Non-parallel walls and advanced cabinet design for sonic purity.

  • Linkwitz-Riley crossover filters ensure correct phase coherence and timing.