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Endeavor E-3 MK II

Endeavor E-3 MK II

Featuring the latest innovations in audio technology, the E-3 MkII is the most advanced and affordable speaker system on the market.

It has been said that science cannot define musical expression, with its emotion and passion, but musical expression can define science. Thus, the E-3 MkII was engineered by a team of experts in the art of musical appreciation as well as advanced audio engineering. Easy to drive and all amps are suitable.

In order to convey the full expression of musical emotion, the E-3MkII fulfills the promise often made but rarely achieved:

  • Each E-3MkII speaker system is provided with a comprehensive measurement package as proof of accuracy.

  • Classic aesthetic design, with slender minimum baffle for precise focus.

Featuring advanced speaker components often found in systems many times our price:

  • Anodized aluminum woofer cones, Kevlar midrange, and Dual Ring Radiator treble unit ensure highest level of sonic transparency in its class.

  • Top-class measurements with lowest distortion/coloration in price range.

  • Non-parallel walls and advanced cabinet design for sonic purity.

  • Linkwitz-Riley crossover filters ensure correct phase coherence and timing.