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The dCBL-UF is a new high end audio USB cable equipped with already well known filter block used on SOtM’s famous network cable, dCBL-CAT7

This filter block makes you possible to get closer and listen to the essence of music through the USB system by removing unnecessary elements which were existed originally but not noticed earlier in the music. It is an important factor that makes dCBL-UF very special even though there are a lot of USB cables already on the market.

Most  USB cables existed around us could have changed nature of music rather than improving sound quality in overall. However, the dCBL-UF with the complete filter block made of the special material and special structure beyond the typical tricks is the truly high end audio USB cable to improve sound quality in the USB audio system.


USB A-B connector
Support USB 2.0 Low-speed, Full-speed, High-speed

USB power signal rating
500mA max

Conductor option
dCBL-UF-S : UPOCC silver
dCBL-UF-C : UPOCC copper

Cabling option
USB data signal only
USB data signal&USB power signal

Length option
1M, 1.5M, 2M




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