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Atlantis Reference Server

Atlantis Reference Server

When we designed and built the Atlantis Reference DAC, our goal was to redefine the musical possibilities of digital media. We succeeded! A combination of solid, sound engineering and breakthrough technology, the Reference DAC has been universally recognised by the world’s most exacting reviewers as not just better than competing products, but better by a considerable margin. Setting a completely new benchmark for performance, it has quickly become THE Reference, the product against which all others are measured.

Now, using the same rigorous design approach, WADAX has turned its attention to server technology. We have questioned accepted wisdom – whether it is to do with operational protocols or circuit topology: We have applied the same exhaustive attention to engineering detail – whether it’s the chassis design or the future-proof, card-cage construction: Where conventional hardware, thinking and solutions have proved inadequate or a gate on performance, we have redesigned or reinvented. The result is the Wadax Atlantis Reference Server – a server like no other. It uses unique, breakthrough technologies to deliver musical performance that other servers can’t hope to match. But more than that, our goal was to match unrivalled musical performance with the unprecedented reach and access of streamed music and high-res file replay. Once again, Reference has to mean Reference. Once again, we have succeeded.