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Absolute Time

Absolute Time

Ideon Audio’s proprietary design

Utilizing expertise obtained through our proprietary 3R re-clocking circuits, our Clients’ feedback and suggestions, and latest technology, the absolute Time was designed to address signal degradation issues in a definitive manner.

Superlative power and constant correction are legion here too.

SPDIF Correction / Re-clocking

The Absolute Time SPDIF circuit also includes a stabilized coax input and a proprietary, ultra-low-noise, jitter-less re-clocking platform with 12.8MHz master clock output

Stability and Power

The Absolute Time incorporates electrically stable signal inputs and outputs; more importantly, it has a high power, 2.5A (5V rail) USB output, capable of driving any load without loss of detail, clarity, or dynamics.

Ideon Audio, over spec’d Power Supply

Huge, linear, power supplies have become an Ideon Audio trademark. We gave the Absolute Time an excessive main power bank composed of selected audiophile, low esr, silk caps.

The audiophile transformer is high-wattage for the application and hand-made.