The 4Point 14 construction includes a zero-play bearing configured on 4 points.  The 4Point 14 tonearm has an effective length of 353mm (14-inch), an exact VTA adjustment facility, and fits a Kuzma standard mount 340mm pivot-to-spindle distance.  The heart of the design is the unique 4-point bearing. Two points (similar to a uni-pivot bearing) allow and control vertical movements of the tonearm. The other set of two bearings allows and controls the tonearm’s horizontal (lateral) movements.  All four points of the bearing have minimal friction and zero play in all planes of movement, thus ensuring that the cartridge platform and the cartridge itself follow the grooves of an LP with extremely low friction and minimal vibrations.

4Point 14’s main section is firmly connected to a very rigid and inert VTA tower, which allows fine adjustments of the vertical tracking angle when the tonearm is stationary or while the LP is playing.  All this, of course, without any loss of rigidity and with 0.01mm adjustment accuracy with zero play!

The arm also includes two removable headshells that are designed with rigidity intact.

From Edward: Recent events using a two-arm table allowed us to compare the differences between the 4Point and the Stogi 313 with VTA tower using Ortofon Bronze cartridges on each arm tied into one source. The 6-panel verdict that included two non-audiophiles was that the delta was vast upwards of half.