Noise pollution is critical to the performance of any digital system, but it is super-critical when it comes to streamer and server performance. In creating the Reference Server, we built a single chassis unit with a sophisticated internal supply. We weren’t ready for the results…

The musical capabilities of the Reference Server not only surpassed those of all previous file-based sources, they revealed just how vulnerable file replay is to the noise artefacts generated by power supplies. The supply built into the Reference Server already delivers unprecedented performance compared to previous server designs. But if we ignore size, space and cost limitations, we can do even better!
The Reference Power Supply is the quietest power supply we have ever built. Its noise performance defeats even the most sophisticated measuring instruments. Sophisticated modelling and specially developed equipment have calculated that the RMS noise on its DC output, under full load, is less than 100nV (0.01Hz – 20kHz). That’s quiet! But that is just the steady-state noise level in the traditional sense. Other noise mechanisms exist, especially at these previously undetectable levels. The varying load conditions encountered in all audio applications are particularly problematic, generating both linear and non-linear distortion, the latter being particularly difficult to detect and measure, despite its insidious impact on musical performance.