• WADAX has been improving D/A technology and performance for the last 10 years: lowering the noise floor, increasing temporal and detail resolution, reducing the ‘footprint’ left by digital artefacts in the recording. The result has brought digital playback closer to live performance than ever before. Fed back into our Fundamental Research Program, these performance improvements have revealed that, once the noise and error levels across the circuit blocks are reduced below a certain point – and in reaching that point, the original Atlantis DAC already surpasses all of the competition – the human auditory system becomes capable of far higher resolution, allowing us to perceive clocking errors, PSU interference and the effects of mechanical vibration that were always present but previously masked. The Atlantis REFERENCE DAC is our response to these findings, with lower levels of clock noise and significant improvements in PSU and mechanical isolation. The result is a masterpiece.

    The result is the most accurate and most musically satisfying DAC ever designed.

  • WADAX Reference Transport - A New Reference for Optical Disc Replay. Performance is built on Data integrity: first, you must extract the signal and then preserve it. Thor Pro Transport is a massive 55 lb, mechanically grounded, top-loaded mechanism: the most accurate CD/SACD transport ever built. The WADAX Reference power supply technology is so quiet that it defies conventional measurement. The WADAX Reference Chassis is 132 lb in all and dedicated to isolating your disc replay and the fragile digital signal it produces. The WADAX AKASA and DWC optical interface technology is ground-breaking and award-winning plus proprietary, tunable. The best digital - the best Analog  
  • The Studio • Player, with its seamless integration of WADAX technology, offers a single chassis that combines the functionalities of a ​CD/SACD disc player, streamer, and DAC. This integration not only ensures unparalleled convenience but also delivers uncompromising performance, thanks to its digital-to-analog circuitry, which is built upon the same technology as the acclaimed Atlantis Reference DAC. With its user-friendly interface, the Studio • Player promises effortless operation, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the listening experience without any hassle. Designed for expansion, future add-on components will further elevate performance, ensuring Studio • Player evolves alongside your system. Offering a listening experience unmatched by any other multifunction digital component, Studio • Player unlocks the full potential of your system, enabling you to experience music like never before.
    Streaming Made Easy
    With the Studio • Player, streaming is a breeze. It offers a streamlined playback experience, designed for maximum simplicity and ease of use. No need for additional streaming management software. The Studio • Player has been certified by Spotify and Tidal for direct connect playback, with more streaming services to be added. This means you can effortlessly connect to the Studio • Player using the original app from your preferred streaming service. Switching between streaming services is as simple as changing apps. The use of the native app for each streaming service ensures that the Studio • Player stays current, reducing downtime for software maintenance and allowing you to spend more time enjoying your music. Additionally, this configuration enables any device running a streaming app to function as the controller for Studio • Player. Users can conveniently view artwork and control the volume from the comfort of their listening chair. Backed by technology developed for the renowned Atlantis Reference Server, Studio • Player promises seamless playback with a level of musical engagement and performance that only WADAX can deliver.
    A Player to Grow with You
    Studio • Player offers unparalleled performance and functionality and a design that evolves alongside your system. Its modular architecture and upgradability ensure that Studio • Player remains a steadfast fixture in your setup for the long term. Studio • Player guarantees access to the latest technological advancements from WADAX with fully replaceable Atlantis Reference DAC modules. Furthermore, Studio • Player's upgradeability extends to adding an outboard power supply and clock. This optional external power supply (Studio PSU), incorporating the technology from the Reference PSU, mitigates the noise floor by isolating sensitive circuitry from electromagnetic interference (EMI) and other disruptive noises generated by power transformers. Augmenting the power supply capacity enhances the weight and dimension of the sound. Additionally, an outboard clock (Studio Clock also uses Reference line technology) enhances timing accuracy, minimizing jitter to below 20fs (1Hz-1MHz) and delivering an organic, natural, and complete musical presentation. While Studio • Player delivers exceptional performance, its flexibility allows it to adapt and expand alongside your system, consistently providing best-in-class digital music playback.


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