• The all-new TIDAL Piano G3 - Absolute Entry. Improving classic designs does not mean changing them. Rather, it means improving details while strictly continuing and following the unique concepts of the original. After building the TIDAL Piano for over two decades, the third generation of our worldwide praised Piano models - the Piano G3 remains a classic. Continuing the TIDAL loudspeaker par excellence, the Piano G3 has all the core elements of our philosophy. It embodies even more than what TIDAL stands for ultimate masterpieces with the highest complexity hidden behind the most sophisticated simplicity. The Piano has always been a very special loudspeaker for TIDAL. A major part of the company and its history includes this model, which paved the way for what came later. Many things have been written about the predecessor Piano G2, yet the 2022 all-new Piano G3 model moves the limits of this concept even further. The TIDAL Piano G3 is built like nothing else and was never designed for size or dimensions. It masters the trick of being an ‘entry’ masterpiece into our collection and yet is an 'ultimate choice' simultaneously. An incomparable classic.
  • The TIDAL Audio Contriva loudspeaker continues the story of its predecessor after a decade in production with worldwide praise and awards. The Contriva G3 has new exclusive drivers (diaphragms of diamond black ceramic and carbon-fiber aluminum) and a cabinet made of TIDAL’s TIRALIT cabinet technology. Not a single part has been untouched to elevate product quality and take the sonic performance to a new level.
  • Tiralit™ Ultra Cabinet

    The cabinet of the TIDAL Akira G2 is made out of TIDAL's proprietary cabinet material, TIRALIT™. This cabinet material combines the rigidity of hard materials such as metal with the resonance absorbing behavior of softer materials such as wooden materials like MDF.

    Diamond Tweeter

    The TIDAL Akira G2 uses the same diamond tweeter technology as the big La Assoluta, it is a 1-carat pure diamond diaphragm tweeter with 30mm diameter (1.2"). Not only is it the biggest diamond tweeter in the world, TIDAL was also the very first company to use a 30mm diamond tweeter. 

    Diamond Midrange Woofer

    TIDAL's exclusive 80 mm midrange woofer is the result of the Accuton TIDAL cooperation and is to be found only in TIDAL speakers, Akira and La Assoluta. The diaphragm itself is made out of pure diamond.  Aside of the unique motor- and basket design, its unique 80 mm diamond diaphragm has the perfect diameter to be small enough to have an amazing off-axis dispersion and low moving mass for excellent impulse response

    BCS Woofer

    Another specialty only found in this speaker is the BCS woofer of the TIDAL Akira G2. The drivers were designed to play within the bass chamber with its big inner volume to play extremely deep, fast, and without compression, at the lowest and highest reproduction levels.

    BCS Radiators

    The TIDAL Akira G2 is designed to play ultra-precisely, even at the deepest frequencies. Each Akira is equipped at the backside with five long excursion passive radiators to support the front-firing woofers with a very deep and low distortion reproduction of bass frequencies without any movement noise.

    Passive Crossover

    Mounted in a hermetically shielded chamber are pure copper foil capacitors, coils of the same caliber, and silver-carbon resistors - only the finest components with proven long-time stability are used for our crossovers.

    Silver Terminal

    The Akira G2 includes Tidals pure silver binding posts. The complex construction is of a fiber-reinforced polymeric material that avoids any inductive electromagnetic field.
  • La Assoluta from Tidal Audio represents the pinnacle of achievement in loudspeaker design. The La Assoluta is a four-way, 7-driver loudspeaker that towers over 7' - 5" tall, with each loudspeaker weighing 1069 lbs.  This 93db efficient, made-to-order marvel is a shear statement in both presence and performance due in part to its massive size that houses the largest diamond diaphragms tuned to offer a performance so astonishing that it simply has to be heard.   Attached to the front baffle is a patented double-driver array around the tweeter that utilizes 27 carats of industrial-grade diamonds per speaker, reproducing flawless frequencies up from 150 Hz. The proprietary crossover only uses the best in hand-selected and matched materials that, like all Tidal speakers, are housed in a hermetically sealed chamber.  Resonance is controlled with Tidal's TIRALIT-Ultra advanced cabinet material and bracing, which also supports Tidal's famous lacquered piano finish or the option of world-class veneer finishes that can be selected by the owner to fit any decor. For further performance, The La Assoluta also allows passive plug-and-play performance and can be tuned even further with active bass activation using the Assoluta-LPX. If you can envision this loudspeaker in your setting, then we cordially invite you to see and hear this loudspeaker firsthand within the factory listening room in Hürth, Germany.


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