Center Stage (1.5, 1.0, .80)

There were several objectives behind the development of Center Stage2M. Firstly, we wanted to build upon the proven approach developed for the LS (loudspeaker) series of Center Stage2 products. Secondly, each new Center Stage2M product had to be a clear audible improvement over its current facing Center Stage2 relative. In other words, compared to the current CS20.8, CS2 1.0 and CS2 1.5, each new Center Stage2M had to be greatly improved across the audible spectrum. Finally, and most important, we wanted the performance improvement of each new Center Stage2M product to be so great, it leapfrogged its bigger brother in the current CS2 line up. In better words, the Center Stage2M 0.8 had to be better than the CS2 1.0. The Center Stage2M 1.0 had to be better than the CS2 1.5 and the Center Stage2M 1.5 had to set a new standard for audio footer performance in the industry.