Power Solutions – Multi-Part Video Series, Episode 2

When it comes to powering up HIFI systems, it is not uncommon to hear the term “dirty power,” but what makes power “dirty”? In this video, I will give some examples of what dirty power is and how our services and products will improve performance in an audio system.

“Dirty power” or “Noise” is essentially distortion created by disruptions in voltage flow either from products that convert or rectify AC to DC, like an audio system, or the overall demands on AC power from the various energy-consuming products in your home. Then comes noise attributes also affecting the electrical system around your home, ranging from loose terminations in your electrical panels, where arcing may occur, or to failing motors and pumps that are in refrigerators or heating systems.

These power quality issues all lead to voltage and frequency variations that ultimately affect the performance of your audio equipment as it was originally designed.

When you choose Audio-Ultra, you get the expertise of our engineers and master electricians, and myself to consult, design, and implement the best approach to your electrical demands by creating the power foundation that will unlock your system’s true performance.

With Audio-Ultra AC Solutions, we can tackle any power challenge through top-level analysis, design and products. This process will optimize the electrical infrastructure allowing lower impedance, improved voltage consistency, and ensuring proper ground reference. And we are proud to incorporate Audio-Ultra’s very own UL – certified power products that are made here in America, something relatively unique to high-end audio.

Our process does not include hype or anything voodoo, it is simple and pragmatic. Getting power right establishes a power foundation that aids in establishing a baseline of audio performance, after all Power is What you Hear!

Audio-Ultra represents Magico, CH Precision, Constellation, Dohmann, Kuzma, WADAX, Ideon, Berkeley, Aurender, AudioQuest, Critical Mass, Ortofon and StromTank.

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The BEST of the BEST. This slogan is more about our attitude looking at high-end audio as a whole. We realize there are a lot of great products out there, as well as the selection of brands we are trusted to represent, and herein lies the difference: A high-end audio system isn’t a system until it’s unboxed, properly mounted, properly connected, and meticulously positioned in your room. At Audio-Ultra, installation is not an afterthought, it’s our passion, and you will see this is a UNIQUE TRAIT in today’s audio environment.

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