Edward DeVito and J.R. Boisclair know what it takes to deliver the realistic sound and immersive experience recognized within the industry and by the most discerning audiophiles. We want to share OUR EXPERIENCE with you.

Curated Systems

High-fidelity playback is our passion, and we realize system assembly is part of a journey that touches emotions and budgets. We supply you with select offerings whether à la carte or in a complete system to deliver world-class sound. We only sell for the right reasons and stand behind our services and products.

Proprietary Power

POWER IS WHAT YOU HEAR, as it is the foundation of turning a good system into a great system. Audio-Ultra’s expertise embodies electrical optimization with design and service, including UL-certified power products that can take your system to another level!

Breathtaking Clarity

When the audio chain performs in a cohesive manner, it is unforgettable. Vinyl in particular has so many variables that we found it best to partner with WAM Engineering/WallyTools, the world’s
leading expert on cartridge and tonearm set-up. You will simply hear more in the groove, and it’s far from subtle.


Audio-Ultra and WAM Engineering Will Help You Get the Most Out of Your System!