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We recently received our first round of products from TIDAL Audio and have them set up to show what this brand is all about. Blending TIDAL electronics and speakers brings musicality and engagement. Think of a neutral sound that brings clarity without fault with amazing finish work on electronics and loudspeakers that blend into any fine decor.


In the world of playing albums, we now offer KLAUDIO. This ultrasonic solution virtually breathes life into an album by removing nano debris from within the grooves that add distortion. In addition, you can add the optional five-record album loader and a noise-free enclosure rounding out the system. I recommend considering the 5-disc loader because it saves time, and if you add the optional damping box, the noise is contained and does not interfere with your listening time – does it get any better?


Extracting the signal from the album is where the music begins. In support of this, we now offer the Lyra brand of tonearm cartridges in addition to our other select offerings. Lyra leans more towards neutrality and is fast, with an overall sense of clarity that makes things extremely musical and dynamic. Luckily, the distributor is close by and loaded with a wealth of knowledge supporting the brand. A-U will soon announce a Lyra event sometime in July.

In the interim, check out the video on our YouTube channel featuring the US Lyra distributor, Shane Buettner of MIBS Distribution, and me—we had some serious fun!

MUNICH 2024 is upon us, and I have to say that I am excited to see, touch and hear the new products along with meeting the people behind the brands!
Here is a sneak peek on what to expect:

Magico is on a roll revamping the S series of loudspeakers. The recently introduced S3 is undoubtedly a statement piece, and I would go out on a limb and say the S5 will follow suit. The S5 has been completely redesigned inside and out. I expect the signature will be very similar, however, with more scale, presence, and control. The S5 will highlight Magico’s presentation at Munich in their purpose-built sound room.

Magico has opened the order window, and delivery is expected in the late third quarter.

The CH Precision C10 DAC within the 10 Series line will premiere in Munich 2024. The design team, led by Florian and Thierry, has outpaced the 4-box 1 Series stack using only two boxes. Talk about excitement in the world of digital! 

Since CH Precision now owns Wattson Audio, also a Swiss Company, it now makes sense to take a look at what this new round of excitement is all about and consider adding these headphone amplifiers to our offerings along with finding some top-tier headphones that will mate nicely to these fine Swiss products, stay tuned…

WADAX will introduce its new digital component, which is considerably reduced in cost yet benefits from the trickle-down technology found in the Atlantis Reference design. Think of a multi-purpose component in one box that brings together a DAC, Streamer, and Disc player with options to further performance with an optional clock and power supply. I will have my eyes and ears on this in Munich and can pretty much say we will be bringing this in as soon as it’s released, which is expected shortly after Munich. 

TIDAL Audio will reveal the G2 versions of their monoblock amps, the Ferios G2, and the newly updated SunRay loudspeaker. We are excited to spend some quality time with these fine German-designed and manufactured products in Munich.

More news: Tidal recently revealed the AP1 amplified loudspeakers, which I believe will be a big part of the future of HI-END audio. Expect to see the AP1 at the upcoming Seattle and Rockville shows later this Fall. 

  • Tear down your system
  • Clean up the interconnects, the gear, and the room itself, including the floors! What you find under there is always amazing. 
  • Rebuild your system, and remember to cable manage. TIP: Do not bunch up power cables nor let them run parallel with interconnect cables. Avoid twists, sharp bends, and, of course, entanglement.
  • Revisit your electrical panel, ensuring everything is tight and secure and nothing is arcing or failing. Your ground rods most likely need to be replaced if they are more than 7 years old. Nothing lasts forever, and the element they sit in is corrosive to copper.
    • A local electrician can help you here, which should be relatively inexpensive. Of course, we offer the full monty, including our all-in-one rack-mounted MKII sub-panel, guaranteed to knock your socks off! 

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