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I’ve been working with many of you to bring Magico into your home system and there is no better way to experience the M9s than with a visit to Magico listening room and factory. You’ll hear the M9s live and get a factory tour where you’ll explore their dynamic loudspeaker design and see and hear why the M9 establishes new benchmarks in musicality, transparency and fidelity.
Take a trip with me on June 6th and embrace the Magico experience. Edward 


We are thrilled with The Absolute Sound article on the new M9’s where Robert Harley, the editor in chief says:
“Overall, I have to say that the Magico M9 is the best-sounding loudspeaker I’ve heard. It represents the ultimate realization of the accumulated knowledge and sophisticated technologies Magico has developed over the past 25 years, along with some remarkable innovations that push the M9’s performance to an unprecedented level.”
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The New M9s in the Magico Factory Listening Room

Magico’s no-holds-barred assault on the limits of loudspeaker design has compelled them to overcome every one of these issues, regardless of cost. Magico uses the latest in materials science; laser interferometry testing; extensive computer simulation and prototype testing of acoustic, mechanical, electromagnetic and thermal behaviors; plus meticulous assembly techniques and many more practices. In this way, Magico loudspeakers achieve musicality, transparency and microdynamics of the highest order.




I hope you’ve enjoyed this peek into the workings of Magico. I invite you to schedule an audition so you can fully appreciate the beauty of these amazing loudspeakers and become a part of the Magico experience, including a trip with me (my treat) to their new listening room in Hayward, CA!

Kindest regards,
Edward DeVito


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