In the May/June Issue of The Absolute Sound  the Ideon Audio Absolute Epsilon DAC, Absolute Stream Streamer and Absolute Time Master Clock are featured in a full report by Editor in Chief Robert Harley.

“This three-piece digital stack from Greece’s Ideon Audio takes its place within the upper echelon of today’s best digital-playback systems. The Absolute Epsilon DAC reviewed here is the company’s flagship, and a step up from the Absolute DAC that Andrew Quint reviewed in Issue 311. Andrew was so impressed by the Absolute DAC that he bought the review sample.

There are lots of different interpretations of how digital audio is supposed to sound but Ideon makes it sound like real music. This really is one of the best DACs in the world right now.”

We’re pleased to present this world-class brand and invite you to read the full review here and enjoy the terrific photography and the innovation and technology that is Ideon.