HIGH END Munich 2024 Highlights

Here are some YouTube video shorts and longs I created from this year’s MUNICH HIGH END 2024. 

Yes, a straight line can be drawn from what will be entering our listening rooms from the likes of FalkenOhr, Göbel High End, StromTank, TIDAL Audio, and WADAX.  Audio-Ultra is committed to traveling the world to curate the right selection of products for our clients. 


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About the Author: Audio Ultra

The BEST of the BEST. This slogan is more about our attitude looking at high-end audio as a whole. We realize there are a lot of great products out there, as well as the selection of brands we are trusted to represent, and herein lies the difference: A high-end audio system isn’t a system until it’s unboxed, properly mounted, properly connected, and meticulously positioned in your room. At Audio-Ultra, installation is not an afterthought, it’s our passion, and you will see this is a UNIQUE TRAIT in today’s audio environment.

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