Happy Thanksgiving & Capital Audiofest


We recently attended The Captial Audio Fest statically exhibiting our AC power solutions. Two of our Electrical Engineers and I met customers throughout the weekend to help customers realize the importance of power, and more importantly having the right skill set to analyze and establish a powerful foundation. Ask us how we can help you understand more about “Power is What You Hear”.


Circling back to the digital network, we have added SOtM (Soul Of the Music) to our offerings. SOtM makes dynamite network products that can be furthered in performance with options that include upgrades to the internal wiring, internal and external clocks, and power supplies. Also, they offer Network Bridges, USB filters, network cables, and many other items to enhance the digital experience. My experience using the switch and external clock was more than subtle, and this was into a WADAX server!



speaker imageMagicos A3 and A5 loudspeakers are arriving to our warehouse soon! These are exceptional in design and performance as all of Magico’s line. In our listening rooms, we can demonstrate the M6, M3, S5 MKII, and the A5 to help you understand and hear what Magico is all about in speaker performance.



Last, we have in inventory SOtM switches, clocks, and power supplies available that rounds out your network performance.






CH Precision
We have been playing with CH Precision’s 1.2 DAC, an exceptional piece, in and out of a full CH Precision system, a stellar piece! CH’s roots began with digital. If your serious about CH, we offer in-home demonstrations of CH to truly hear what it will do in your system.

 Pegasus XLRs demo has arrived and Black Beauty should be here soon. They do take from the now-popular Mythical Creatures line at a much lower cost. Ask us how to hear these and other Audioquest cables and products in your system.

Sequential Power Five has just come out with their Distribution bar that has digital filters, and isolated receptacles for reduced noise. We have it, and this thing is a beast!



We will be promoting system packages that embody audio components and power packages at special savings. This offering will leave you in a place of musical bliss for the foreseeable future. Ask us more about this when you are considering upgrades.



Here are some tunes that have caught our attention: 

Jen Chapin – Revisions: The Songs of Stevie Wonder
Taylor Swift – Invisible String
Musica Nuda – Le Due Corde Vocali
Jennifer Warnes – Way Down Deep



Strongly look at your speaker placement, especially when adding new gear – the slightest movement can yield amazing results!


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