Explore the Thrax Integrated Amplifier With Magico Speakers

Are you struggling to enjoy your music with a subpar audio system? Do you want to make the most out of your Magico speakers?

Sometimes, installing a speaker isn’t enough to get good audio. Playing your music too loud can sometimes produce a distorted and weak sound.

If this is your problem, consider investing in better speakers and an amplifier. Magico speakers are an all-around masterpiece and a fan favorite.

A Thrax integrated amplifier can provide support to your Magico speakers. It boosts the input signal, making it stronger and fuller. Continue reading and find out how these components complement each other.

Specifications In Check

If you’re looking to build a quality sound system, ensure to know which components to get. This means looking at the specification of both your speakers and your amplifier. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Power

The power output in a speaker determines the amount of power it can handle. For the amplifier, it’s the amount of power it produces. The measurement for the power output is in watts (W).

Your amplifier needs 50% more power output than your speaker. The amplifier increases the signal power, producing a good sound quality.

Thrax offers integrated amplifiers with power output ranging from 120W to 300W. These models are perfect for Magico speakers with a power recommendation of 80W to 200W.

2. Impedance

Impedance is the electrical resistance of the components to the alternating current. The speaker hinders the flow of electricity the amplifier created.

Your speaker needs to have an equal or higher impedance than your amplifier. This helps to prevent damaging the components. Thus, choose the speaker with a greater impedance than the amplifier.

Magico speakers have an impedance rating of 4 Ω. It’s suitable for the Thrax integrated amplifier with an impedance rating of 4 Ω. The speaker prevents the amplifier from heating up, lengthening its useful life.

3. Sensitivity

Sensitivity refers to the loudness your speaker produces. It’s the volume in a meter distance when operated with 1 W power. The loudness of the sound you hear decreases as you go farther.

With this, the amplifier needs to work more to increase the sound pressure level of a speaker. For example, the speaker makes an 88 dB sound. An increase in watt can produce 3 dB more, improving sound quality.

Keep note that a speaker with high sensitivity produces a higher volume. The Magico speakers offer a component with 88 dB, which is great already. However, you can boost the volume more with an amplifier.

4. Frequency

The frequency response range of a speaker measures the different sounds it produces. A woofer allows the system to provide low and mid-range frequencies. It creates a dynamic sound and highlights it.

You can hear the sound effects, instruments, and voices more with the help of the woofers. The Magico speakers use more than three woofers in their system, producing a different range of sound. Besides, it includes a tweeter as well for higher frequencies.

People can hear sounds ranging from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. Thus, it’s the ideal frequency for speakers.

Exploring Thrax Amplifier With Magico Speaker

Here’s how you can enjoy your new Thrax amplifier and Magico speakers. The power, impedance, sensitivity, and frequency of the components affect the sound quality. Get your Thrax integrated amplifier with Magico speakers to enjoy a dreamy audio experience.

Are you looking for an extraordinary listening experience? If so, contact us today! We have everything you need to help you achieve the sound system of your dreams.

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