I’ve been working with many of you to bring Magico into your home system and there is no better way to experience the M9s than with a visit to Magico listening room and factory. You’ll hear the M9s live and get a factory tour where you’ll explore their dynamic loudspeaker design and see and hear why the M9 establishes new benchmarks in musicality, transparency and fidelity.
Take a trip with me on June 6th (my treat) to their new listening room and embrace the Magico experience. Edward 

Magico’s no-holds-barred assault on the limits of loudspeaker design has compelled them to overcome every one of these issues, regardless of cost. Magico uses the latest in materials science; laser interferometry testing; extensive computer simulation and prototype testing of acoustic, mechanical, electromagnetic and thermal behaviors; plus meticulous assembly techniques and many more practices. In this way, Magico loudspeakers achieve musicality, transparency and microdynamics of the highest order.