Döhmann Helix Two MK3 – Hifi Review

See latest review of the Dohmann Helix Two MK3 with Ken Kessler, who is very well respected in global terms. Paul Miller’s technical tests are brutal the Dohmann Helix Two MK3 passed well on Speed 0.01% deviation from 33.33 which is direct drive territory.

The other outstanding specs are:

  • Wow 0.02% which is super impressive and reason it sounds steady on piano etc.
  • Flutter 0.08% at 10hz which is excellent for belt and less audible to ear.
  • Rumble tests -69.8db which is excellent and again below noise floor of music.

Musically this is a rave review and should offer dealers some good ammo to raise awareness and interest.

You can read the full PDF article here.

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