Dohmann Audio MKIII turntable updates. Are they worth it?

In high-end audio, it is a common statement that we recently asked when we were already over the top with our Helix table. Then Mark Dohmann of Melbourne, Australia, paid us a visit, complete with a pallet full of boxes, to upgrade three Helix tables in 2.5 days. We had the benefit of hearing each step of the upgrades and then comparing the Helix 1 and the Helix 2 before our listening panel using the same Kuzma tonearm and Ortofon cartridge.


Tables that are updated or sold in their MKIII versions provide a virtual resonant-free platform to permit the tonearm to get out of the way, allowing a properly set-up cartridge to extract the information from the groove in all of its analog glory.

The result of the MKIII upgrades on the Dohmann Audio Helix 1 and Helix 2 was easily heard as the platter turned and the needle dropped with ghostly transparency that further reduced the noise floor, allowing details from the groove never heard before, complete with explosive dynamics in our highly resolving CH Precision, Magico, StromTank, Audioquest system.

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This Journey of Ours. Long Live Audio!

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