Constellation Audio: Hand-Made Amplifiers in Southern California

People have always known that music can directly affect a person’s mood. A recent study turned that belief into a fact when it showed that people across cultures had thirteen unique experiences.

There’s a significant difference between listening to your favorite song and feeling it. Amplifiers play a key role in maximizing your output device’s potential. It creates a world where you can feel the emotions the artist places on each and every note.

As a renowned creator in the audio world, Constellation Audio continues to lead the way with its state-of-the-art amplifiers.

Why Speakers Need Amplifiers

At the end of the day, an audio setup plays all the same notes. However, using the correct audio gear can create an almost spiritual experience. The clearer treble and bass you can feel deep in your bones sets you on a journey to find the perfect audio quality.

A high-quality amp removes the veil of cheap sound reproduction. It allows the listener to get as close as possible to the original piece. Unfortunately, there may never be an exact match.

Attempting to replicate a song to convey the artist’s exact sound is as impossible as replicating a perfect Mona Lisa. However, carefully matching several features like impedance, power and frequency allow you to get as close as possible.

Impedance is essential in extending the life of your amplifier. By understanding that hardware disrupts the flow of electricity and alternating current, you can prevent overheating. The rule is that lower impedance equals increased power and vice versa.

The safest speaker setup is to have speakers with a higher minimum impedance than the amplifier.

Constellation Audio: Remaining Faithful

Constellation Audio sticks firm to its beliefs and principles like any great artist. One of which is to remain faithful to the original source.

It’s a concept that fuels the design and keeps the products as clean and pure as possible. In the Integrated 1.0 model, this led to the use of its Line Stage Gain Module.

The module uses two mirror-image amplifiers to create a balanced circuit. It’s also coupled with servo circuits and ultra-low-noise field-effect transistors (FETs).

Constellation Audio works with highly experienced technicians dedicated to hand-making each product. Even at high volumes, it’s unlikely you’ll experience overheating or sound distortions.

Another reason you can guarantee quality sound is that an expert in their respected field develops each component. It’s not an overworked intern that tries their hand at designing a new output leaving you with something to be desired.

Listening Among The Stars

From the proprietary circuit designs to massive power supply, Constellation Audio continues to show the world it’s in it for the sound.

At the end of the day, amplifiers serve to create a more pleasant listening experience, and Constellation Audio has hit the mark every time. Contact us to take your music from something to hear to an experience you can feel.

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