Hi, I’m Edward DeVito of Audio-Ultra, here in greater Seattle, Washington.

My purpose is twofold; first, to show you that it’s more than the brands themselves; it’s the meticulous attention to detail ranging from the AC foundation to proper setup; and second, to support our Customers by making the right decisions in purchasing HI-FI.  I have learned that when you have clarity on what you’re looking to achieve, you are positioned to make the right decisions, and that is why I extend the offer to learn more about Audio-Ultra and visit me here in the Northwest to spend some time enjoying the audio experience I have created with the benefit of trip reimbursement on qualifying purchases. So if you’re still reading this, and there is no conflict of interest with other dealers you may be engaged in for similar products, I then encourage you to contact me to learn more about this incentive as well as other performance packages we can put together to help you make the right decisions when it comes to World-Class, Two-Channel Playback.

All the Best, and Long Live Audio!


Audio-Ultra represents Magico, CH Precision, Constellation, Dohmann, Kuzma, WADAX, Ideon, Berkeley, Aurender, Audioquest, Critical Mass, Ortofon, StromTank, ROON, and SOtM.
Contact: edward@audio-ultra.com