AudioQuest Cables Make a Difference

After working remotely with AudioQuest’s  Senior Director of Engineering Garth Powell on the Michael Fremer power project, I had the pleasure of meeting Garth at the AudioQuest factory for a private demonstration and had the opportunity to ask some questions about specific products that drew skepticism in the industry. Garth easily demonstrated the benefits of the DBS pack, cable directionality, and cable risers – the advancement in sound quality was so obvious, he earned my trust. So when AudioQuest’s Regional Sales Manager Stan Beil informed me I had to hear Garth’s new Mythical Creatures XLR cables, I willingly agreed and had the almighty Dragon brought in to complete a loom of Dragon products.  

It’s not about drinking the Kool-Aid, or being a brand ambassador, I call it like I see it. For the years I have used AudioQuest, they always have performed exceptionally well, so I was excited to hear the new XLRs from the new Mythical Creature line. 

In short order I received the new Dragon XLR. Out of the gate, upon play, there is a noticeable improvement in sound quality that imaged dimension, control, and clarity to unheard of levels in my extremely low noise floor systems. One must experience what these cables will do for your system, and I say this because I could not see going any further in sound quality with cables. “Just when I thought I was out, AudioQuest managed to pull me back in.”  These interconnect cables complete a full Dragon loom that brings together overall system cohesiveness and performance much more than I thought possible.   

It’s a pleasure to feature AudioQuest and the Mythical Creature line at Audio-Ultra here in Seattle along with curated brands such as Magico, Constellation, soulution, MSB, and coming soon Wadax

Edwarddevito Wht

Edward DeVito,

President Audio-Ultra

Sumner, WA