Amazing Audio Gear Arriving at Audio-Ultra!

Wadax product

Wadax has arrived and has exceeded sound quality expectations. Yes, its level of performance and cost is equal to high-end exotic sports cars,
however, if you can, it’s worth it!

While we feel that Wadax is at the pinnacle of digital we carry, it does not mean Berkeley, Ideon, and MSB are any less in creating amazing sound. 



CH Precision. Components and amplifiers
We are excited about  carrying another Swiss brand known for performance, CH Precision.  Components and amplifiers are scheduled to arrive in July.




Kuzma's new SAFIR 9 tonearmLab grown Sapphire? This is a key material in Franc Kuzma’s new SAFIR 9 tonearm to better control resonance and reveal music hidden in the grooves.




Previously owned gear is arriving from Chord, Naim, Harbeth, Focal Utopia Headphones and Lumin

Cable Management and Power Sequence:
We consistently see areas for improvement in cable management. Prior to loading a rack, we look at the placement of each component’s input, paying attention if the IEC power connections are either left, right or center to vertically plan how and where the components will be placed to prevent cables from tangling with one another, and any chance of cross-interference. Then we lay out all the power and interconnect cables using blue tape, if needed, to keep the cables in place before loading the rack with components. You can velcro tie interconnect cables and push power cables in either direction so there is separation. Note: RCA/Coaxial cables will pick up EMI from power cables, so if they have to cross, ensure it is at a 90-degree angle. Plug in all your interconnects, speaker cable, then power cables to the component, and finally into the distribution. If your components have rocker switches, then turn off (0) the power, and we recommend leaving this off until everything is plugged in before energizing the distribution. Turn on your preamp, then amplifier followed by source gear, reverse this process when powering down.This effort will help you realize an improved sound quality, future efficiency when moving components, and visually clean and tidy things up.


Summer is here, and with that, it’s a good time to be aware of the area you live in when it comes to power. Many parts of the country are hot and this means people will look to stay cool with air conditioning placing additional demand on an already taxed electrical infrastructure.

With brownouts and surges becoming more common in certain parts of the country, it is probably a good idea to turn off solid-state gear when not in use in these areas until excess demands on power decrease.

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The BEST of the BEST. This slogan is more about our attitude looking at high-end audio as a whole. We realize there are a lot of great products out there, as well as the selection of brands we are trusted to represent, and herein lies the difference: A high-end audio system isn’t a system until it’s unboxed, properly mounted, properly connected, and meticulously positioned in your room. At Audio-Ultra, installation is not an afterthought, it’s our passion, and you will see this is a UNIQUE TRAIT in today’s audio environment.

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